"Make Your Mark" at Northside Festival's "Williamsburg Walks"

"Make Your Mark" at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn
I am thrilled to inform you that my interactive art project "Make Your Mark" will be featured in the German Music and Art section of the Northside Festival's "Williamsburg Walks" this weekend, June 11-12.
It would be great to see you there!
For information about the event, please click on this link to the German Consulate website. Here is an excerpt:
"Make Your Mark": German Artist Cornelia Thomsen Goes Interactive
On June 11 and 12, New York-based artist Cornelia Thomsen--known for channeling inspiration from her East German childhood into thought-provoking paintings--will feature in the Northside Festival's "Williamsburg Walks". As Thomsen explains: "Through the 'Make Your Mark' project, I want to empower the crowd to engage in an art project, to immortalize a moment in our shared time."
Six to eight large canvases will be placed on movable walls. To banish the off-putting look of the blank canvases, the artist will start the project with marks of her own. Acrylic paint of different colors and paintbrushes of various thicknesses will then be available for visitors to get a hands-on visual art experience.
At the close of the Festival, the filled surface consisting of many layers will reflect the energy and imagination of the crowd. Each signature, drawing, splash, or mark will represent someone who attended the event, but the many individual marks will create an overall whole.
By inviting visitor artists to share their experience on social media under #MakeYourMark, the interactive process will reach another dimension, combining street art with online communication.
June 6, 2016