Panel discussion at the Goethe-Institut New York

I am excited to invite you to a panel discussion at Goethe-Institut NY next Saturday, September 23, at which I will be one of the speakers.
It would be wonderful to see you there!
Saturday September 23
6:00pm  Introduction and panel discussion
7:30pm  Reception
Free admission

Goethe-Institut New York
30 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
Tel 212 439 8700
"Now often touted as the 'leader of the free world,' Germany is doing tremendously well by a variety of measures. Internally, however, divisions between East and West remain. What used to be "East Germany" (the communist German Democratic Republic) is economically, politically, and culturally at a disadvantage and is mainly understood in terms of negative stereotypes. 
Ahead of the German federal elections on Sunday, September 24, we invite you to an evening showcasing a range of cultural endeavors by East Germans.  What were arenas of expression and art in the GDR, and did they carry over into the new united Germany that emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall?  How do divided biographies (growing up East German during the re-unification process) influence artistic expression?  How do East Germans see the relationship between art and politics?  And how do they shape East German lives 27 years after re-unification?
Join us on the German pre-election evening for a fascinating panel with Petra Epperlein, director of the recent acclaimed film, Karl-Marx-CityTim Mohr, author of Stirb nicht im Warteraum der Zukunft, a book on East German punk rock; and Cornelia Thomsen, a prominent East German artist now based in New York.
The talk will be followed by a reception sponsored by NYU.
The event is a co-production of Goethe-Institut New York, NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, CUNY European Union Studies Center, CUNY Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, and NYU Deutsches Haus."  - Goethe-Institut New York
September 17, 2017